mini goldendoodle weight at 8 weeks

Just an update: Barkley is almost 50 lbs now. a delightful member of the family!He's full of himself, but a great part of the family!Thanks again for these wonderful animals!""We had the good fortune to hear about Sue and her Doodles before we searched for a puppy. The farm is beautiful and Sue is a very experienced and caring breeder. We fell in love online with Riley in about 5 seconds. She is an Irish doodle. Her coat is reddish brown, very soft and fluffy. In addition to his specialized training in pet therapy, Scooter loves human contact and lots of petting.

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Oakley literally goes everywhere with my dad during the week.


The Yellow Labs consistently did the best in these stress tests for staying calm and in control and remained the most stable and dependable.


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